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     Well permits are issued by the Division of Water Resources, and they are divided into two basic types:  Exempt Well Permit and Non-Exempt Well Permit.  The Non-Exempt Well Permit allows the permit owner to divert from his well within the water rights priority system for all types of uses and at any rate of diversion.  Non-exempt well permits require the owner to have a valid water right for the use and rate of diversion.  Exempt Well Permits are available for some basic uses; however, very specific requirements must be met to obtain this type of permit, as shown below:

Parcels less than 35 acres created prior to 1972 (exempt permit)

  • Household use only with no outside uses, or
  • Inside Commercial use of a business using less than 1/3 acre-foot/year.

Parcels greater than 35 acres (exempt permit)

  • One well permit on the parcel to be used for up to three homes, stock watering, and 1 acre of lawn and garden irrigation.

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