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The Colorado Water Exchange provides current information and articles for water users, homeowners, and property developers.  Our goal is to present water rights information in an easy to understand way that the general public will find helpful.  We hope that you will bookmark this page and use this site as your first source for water rights information.


New CWE Articles

Subdividing Property  One of the most difficult issues for developers in Colorado is obtaining water for property they are subdividing.  This article presents information about the subdivision process and how it relates to water rights.

Change of Water Right  A change of water right must be made in court before the water can be put to a new use.

Judicial Authority - Water Court  In Colorado, all water rights actions are completed in water court.

Replacement Plans  This article discusses augmentation plans and substitute water supply plans.

Well Permits While the relatively easy to obtain exempt well permits are available for older subdivisions, new subdivisions require a decreed augmentation plan and a non-exempt well permit.

Denver Basin Ground Water Property owners within the Denver Basin can be very fortunate because they may utilize non-tributary water for any use, even if they do not qualify for an exempt well permit.  However, not all of the aquifers within the Denver Basin contain non-tributary water and the status changes within the location of the aquifer.

Engineering Considerations  This article provides the property owner with background information regarding the items that an engineer will review in replacement water plans, subdivision water plans, and changes of water rights.